BROG Verktøybag Rull

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Blue Ridge Overland Gear har såklart også en verktøyrull, denne inneholder 4 styk 30x10x5cm utstyrslommer med delvis gjennomsiktig overflate og velcro/borrelås på baksiden.

The BROG Tool Pouch Roll features four 4x12x2” hook-back Velcro pouches. The pouches secure to a large compatible loop Velcro platform. These pouches offer enough space to hold a 237-piece Kobalt toolset. When unrolled, the roll measure 31 x 12″. You can store additional items like screwdrivers between each pouch. Mil-spec webbing rows of MOLLE on the outside of the roll allow storage for items like breaker bars and larger wrenches. The webbing straps and buckles are adjustable; this roll will mount to a rollbar. A mil-spec webbing handle makes the Tool Pouch Roll durable and easy to carry. The lay-flat design allows you to have maximum visibility and accessibility of the exact tool you need. This product is available in cool coyote. And as always, it’s hand-crafted in the USA. Get «on a roll» with all your projects — get our Tool Pouch Roll!


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