James Baroud Evasion XL Taktelt Hvit

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Få plass til alle med det horisontalt åpne Evasion XL-takteltet fra James Baroud. Med sin større innvendige plass vil du kunne sitte komfortabelt oppreist i hele teltet mens du nyter komforten og kvaliteten James Baroud er kjent for.

Ikke på lager.

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  • A 1.62m (63.8″) wide roof top tent that is 2.21m (87″) long.
  • At 335mm (13.2″) profile design looks great on any vehicle and assists with fuel efficiency when travelling.
  • Opens onto a spacious high-density mattress to ensure a good night’s rest.
  • Recommended to sleep 2 adults and 1 or 2 small children comfortably.
  • Panoramic windows allow incredible views from the tent and the fly screens only separate the outside world making the interior feels much larger.
  • In order to protect privacy, the lower edge of the window rises slightly.
  • The Evasion XL Rooftop is equipped with three entrances, these are all double-layered door with fly screens and Velcro strips for complete closure.
  • Manufactured from high-quality polyester canvas the fabric is connected to the roof shells with a circumferential piping rail making the tent waterproof and the fabric easily replaced in the event of damage.
  • The All Season Touring™ canvas from the Dutch specialist Ten-Cate is comparatively light, but still strong and durable. The microporous six-layer acrylic coating makes it waterproof, breathable and weatherproof. It is also dirt-repellent and easy to clean.
  • All tents come with a telescopic aluminum ladder (maximum length of 2440mm) that is adjustable in length and can also be comfortably used barefoot.

Consists of:
1 x James Baroud Evasion XL Tent / Black
1 x Mattress
1 x Dust Cover
1 x 2 Part Aluminium Ladder
1 x Battery light with charging cable
Mounting Kit

Closed Dimensions:
2210mm (87″) L x 1620mm (63.8″) W x 335mm (13.2″) H
Internal Dimension:
2200mm (86.6″) L x 1600mm (63″) W x 900mm (35.4″) H
65kg (143.3 lbs)


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