Koni HT RAID 90-5410SP1 støtdemper

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Koni HT Raid 90-5410SP1 støtdemper bak til Toyota Hilux.

Passer til Hilux fra 2006 til 2014

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Koni Raid – OffRoad Shocks for Raiders

With many years experience in shock absorber design and manufacturing, KONI – the leader in Heavy Duty dampers for buses, trucks, trailers, military applications, and railway – decided to combine its high level of technology and its 4×4 market knowledge to create a new range of offroad shocks dedicated to the raiders.

KONI, with its many years of experience in the development and production of dampers for a wide variety of purposes , defines new standards with the high-strength RAID shock absorbers. This hydraulic shock absorber was specially designed for the toughest jobs in rough terrain.

The technical sophistication behind KONI RAID

Constructed as a twin-tube damper, the wall thickness of the outer tube diameter of the KONI RAID is 2.5 mm. In this way, the shock absorber remains intact even if the outer tube is damaged, for example by stone chipping. The larger diameter of the storage and outer tubes offers a larger oil holding capacity, which ensures optimal cooling and therefore efficiency in every situation. An extra strong seal also withstands high damper pressure. In addition, the dampers are adjustable and usually have a hydraulic end stop, called hydraulic rebound.

Advantages of a hydraulic end stop – hydraulic rebound

A hydraulic end stop (hydraulic rebound) reduces the speed of the piston before it can contact the piston guide during extension. Thus, at the end of the maximum permissible extension, the pulling movement is slowed down by around 20 mm by a hydraulic end stop valve. As a result, the vehicle has the best possible stability at all times.

Easy installation of the KONI RAID

The dimensions of the KONI RAID dampers are the same as the original parts and stand out but characterized by stronger materials and high-quality workmanship. Additional modifications are superfluous.

Features of the KONI RAID series:

  • Outer tube thickness of 2.5mm; damper function guaranteed in case of deformation of outer tube by impact of rocks
  • Oil volume has been doubled for better cooling & efficiency
  • Solid, robust attachments
  • Attachments welded all around (360°)
  • Possibility to adjust the rebound forces in order to adapt your damper to your springs and/or loads and so increase its life-span
  • Rebound: progressive hydraulic rebound stop valve
  • Bump: extra security in case of big compression impact
  • These shock absorbers make use of original attachment fittings.
  • No vehicle modifications are necessary


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