Old Man Emu EL044R bladfjær

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Old Man Emu EL044R bladfjær til Toyota Hilux 2006 – 15

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Old Man Emu leaf springs are engineered to provide optimum ride performance irrespective of the conditions in which they operate.

Numerous spring options are available to suit each user’s specific needs, allowing you to set your vehicle up for recreational or commercial purposes. A set of Old Man Emu leaf springs, matched to a set of Old Man Emu 4×4 shock absorbers will deliver vastly improved ride, handling and load carrying capability.


  • FLAT AXLE SEAT AREA; Lowers spring stress whilst retaining spring- free camber height. Unique to most OME springs.
  • ANTI-FRICTION INTERLEAF LINERS; Used where applicable to reduce friction between spring leaves, giving better ride comfort and increased spring life.
  • SHOT-PEENED; On the tension side of all leaves to double spring life.
  • DRAW-TAPERED & DIAMOND CUT LEAVES; For reduced interleaf friction and improved load distribution in the load-bearing area.
  • GRAPHITE-COATED; For further reduced friction.
  • MILITARY-WRAPPED; For extra safety (where fitment permits).
  • LOOSE-CLAMPED; For smooth and quiet operation.


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